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Schuyler County History

Summer Jam 1973

Summer Jam Photo's

         Summer Jam the largest music gathering ever with only three bands. It took place in Watkins Glen NY in 1973. The bands were the Greatful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and The Band. There were about 600,000 people at Summer Jam while there were only a couple hundred thousand people at Woodstock and more then a dozen bands. There was traffic backed up everywhere all the way back to Horseheads and Elmira which is about 20 miles. Roads were closed people just parked their cars anywhere and they would walk. Local people who had lived in the village of Watkins Glen would leave out their there hoses and provide there facilities too the strangers. When people had gotten to the gates there were only limited tickets and people began to rip down the fences when they ran out of tickets. Ten dollars got you a campsite a ticket and parking. After the concert was over it took a week or more for all of the concert goers to leave. The mess was everywhere it took along time for the garbage behind to be cleaned up.

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