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Schuyler County History
Shepard Niles

        Shepard Niles, founded in 1878 in Montour Falls, NYN, was an internationally recognized leader in the development and engineering of material handling products until it succumbed to poor economic conditions and closed its door forever, on March 31, 2002.



        The company is well known for their innovate technologies; they have standard and custom built hoist, cranes, and monorail systems. They also have the capacity to build the products that they made when Shepard Niles used to keep Cleveland manufacturing. Shepard Niles used to keep Cleveland Tram rail in business, by shipping products via the railroad system providing the material that Cleveland Tram rail needed.



        Shepard Niles is one of the largest producers of the patented track and automated monorail equipment.



        *Scoped-“Announces Major business expansion in former Shepard Niles”-Penn, traffic Mfg. inc, manufacturing of fire hydrants valves, and water pumps. This will open a new business, Queen Catherine Mfg. Inc. for the village of Montour Falls. This company is wholly owned subsidiary of Peen-troy, Pennsylvania Company will purchase and renovate 90,000 square feet of Shepard Niles facility.




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