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Schuyler County History
Cargill Salt Company



"Salt. So common ... we seldom give it a second thought. So extraordinary ... we can't live without it.”


    "Since Cargill Salt began as a small grain elevator in Conover, Iowa in 1865, it has grown into a thriving company that merchandises,  processes and distributes agricultural and other essential  products and services throughout the world."

     Cargill Salt provides many people in our village with well paying jobs. Something that is commonly hard to find in a community of 2500 people. Cargill also helps our community recognize the fact that we contain abundant amounts of salt. Cargill has helped our community in numerous ways, some in which are unexplainable. Cargill Salt first opened its first factory in 1865 after a group of prospectors were drilling for oil and gas. Their test wells failed to turn up any gas or oil, but they did discover a large amount of salt.  

     Since Cargill began as a small grain elevator in ConoverIowa in 1865, it has grown into a thriving company that merchandises processes and distributes agricultural and other essential products and services throughout the world. Cargill is currently serving 65 various countries throughout the world.  There are also over 30 plants in the U.S. alone. 

     Cargill Salt uses a method known as hydraulic mining. Two salt wells are drilled down into the vein of salt, 500 feet apart. Fresh water from Seneca Lake is pumped down in to the first well; where on contact with salt produces a brine solution. The brine solution is then forced up into the second well by water pressure, then into large settling tanks. The brine solution is left in the settling tanks for 24 hours while the insoluble impurities settle to the bottom.  The solution is then sent through a series of filters, then into the plant's evaporating pans.  The water is evaporated, leaving the salt behind.   The faster the water is evaporated the finer the grain of salt. Cargill Salt mainly produces salt tablets for water softening, but does produce salt for the table. Cargill produces plain, iodized, and kosher salt, and packages for over 200 brand name food companies. As said before Cargill, not only serves the world and provides it with many resources, it also serves in our community as a team player.

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