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Schuyler County History

Historical Structures

Previous Town House Restaurant


Located at 108 North Franklin Street and a grand building, the previous Town House Restaurant was built in 1891. First known as a major tourist hotel and continued to fit this description into present day. The Italian and Romanesque architectural style makes the building stand out the rest.


Former Scuteri Building (Presently Jerlando’s)


            Located on the corner of Franklin and 4th Street, this impressive building was built around 1860. This building first served as the Freer’s Opera House, until 1890. This large structure is unique in the commercial area of Watkins Glen because of the rusticated stone walls with varying size blocks.


Shoemaker Office Building


            Located on the corner of Franklin and West 4th Street, this building was constructed around 1860 as well. This structure was first known as the “Odd Fellows” building, as seen by the lettering on the side of the building facing Franklin Street. At times in its history the building also served as an ice cream parlor and various commercial sites. This building can be noted for it’s commercial Italian style architecture.


Former VanSlykes Shoe Store


            Located at 211 North Franklin Street and formerly known as a grand hotel in the early 1900’s. Often nick-named the Brewer Block or Star Building, this structure is unique for it’s cast concrete cladding. The only one existing in Watkins, the building stands out with the concrete sheets that frame the raised star patterns.


Former Salt Derrick


            Located on North Franklin Street among other historical buildings, this structure was built by the well-known Watkins Salt Company, around 1890. First operating in 1989, it is known to be the first derrick constructed by Watkins Salt Company and the last remaining salt derrick in New York State. The original drilling equipment can still be found inside today.


Freer House


            Located at 124 East 4th Street and built around 1830. The story behind the building is interesting. A lawyer, Freer, came to Watkins Glen to defend the will of Dr. Samuel Watkins (founder of the village). Freer ending up falling in love and marrying Dr. Watkins’s window, Cynthia Cass, who died a year later, leaving him the wealthiest person in Watkins Glen in 1853.

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